Newpark Mats and Integrated Services (NMIS), a unit of Newpark Resources (NYSE: NR) provider of ground protection solutions, has recently launched the DURA-BASE® DEFENDER™ Liner-Less Spill Containment System – a breakthrough in spill protection technology. Newpark’s latest feat in engineering – developed and field-tested over the past three years alongside customers – addresses challenges with existing spill containment, environmental safety and compliance solutions. As the industry’s first fully integrated system, DEFENDER™ provides new efficiencies to the drilling site – from trucking and logistics to liner disposal – reducing operating costs in the process.

DEFENDER™ is a custom-engineered spill containment system with multiple safeguards for potential leaks and innovative components to provide maximum ground protection: proprietary DX4 SEALING TECHNOLOGY™, proprietary Cellar Protection System™, as well as integrated walls and drive-over berms.

The DX4 SEALING TECHNOLOGY™ has a redundant sealing capability – embedded into each mat on site – that offers two layers of protection. Built from the existing DURA-BASE™ mats – which are already lightweight, durable and have an interlocking pin and grid system with safety benefits – the new and improved mats are designed with redundant seals around the top and bottom lips to provide added security against spills. With the addition of redundant seals, spills are limited to the surface of the mats – ensuring a timely clean-up process.

While the redundant seals secure mats across the well pad with a double layer of defense, the enhanced Cellar Protection System™ provides an additional third layer of protection around the cellar – the most high-risk spill area on any drill site. Rigorous procedures taking place both in and around the well head make the cellar the busiest section on drill sites. The specialized Cellar Protection System™ can be custom-fitted to any cellar on any site – ensuring that each protective layer is individually constructed while reinforcing leak security for the critical region.

Added components to the system are the integrated wall berms and drive-over berms that enable full coverage along the site perimeter – providing a physical barrier to contain potential spills and also making the site more navigable.  Trucks, equipment and site workers experience safe and easy access to the worksite due to the construction and black and yellow color scheme of the berms – which improves onsite visibility.

On-site installation of the mats and overall system is quick, efficient, and requires minimal labor. Newpark’s custom-designed grappling trucks and specially trained personnel further reduce operating expenses while facilitating total quality assurance and ground protection. This installation process uses a unique and safer system deployment that maximizes seal-to-seal contact and integrity to further protect them from damage.

DEFENDER™ is the first system that fully integrates all of these features to achieve total site containment of spills and protect the environment while moving beyond the challenges associated with drilling pad liners. DEFENDER™ represents the next-generation in spill containment technology and engineering – providing a more efficient, reliable and sustainable solution for operators.

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