For many organizations, the delivery of high-speed Internet to remote locations can be challenging. Each area presents various obstacles that can make it difficult to provide a reliable connection. Ideally, companies would like to use a fibre connection, but the heavy costs and logistics involved can make it unfeasible, especially for those requiring temporary connection.


The speeds and reliability associated with a Wireless Solution or Microwave Link are comparable to fibre.


Communications are an essential business service and without a proper solution in place, an unreliable Network can be burdensome on operating budgets. Unfortunately, for some organizations it’s not even a consideration when entering a remote site. Not having a robust network initially implemented on remote sites can leave them vulnerable and end up costing extra to have a patchwork solution installed later on.


Companies, along with their employees are now demanding to have Internet speeds comparable to urban environments as they expand into remote areas. Larger amounts of data are now being transferred and video conferences becoming a daily practice; businesses will require faster speeds and more bandwidth. Organizations can benefit from having an outside party implement a cost effective network solution.


There are a number of benefits to having an outside company assist with designing and delivering a reliable network. The main factor to consider is knowledge and experience of dealing with remote locations. Developing a familiarity with remote locations in many regions and possibly having an existing network established in that area can be extremely beneficial. This can save an enormous amount of time and money when trying to develop a solution internally. Another added benefit is having the expertise to design a scalable network that will grow with organizations, while eliminating the risk of having an overpriced and unreliable solution.


Having a robust network is critical for operations ensuring its experiencing optimal performance with minimal disruptions. This is why having a team of professionals monitoring a specific network 24/7 can eliminate extended periods of downtime and improving overall effectiveness.


By utilizing fixed wireless, fibre and traditional non-line of sight technologies, Rigstar Communications operates a premier industrial quality network. Businesses can utilize high capacity Internet and data services in both urban and rural areas that are beyond the reach of traditional Internet Service Providers.


Rigstar has been honing its remote skills for over 15 years and has developed significant depth in technical and field services, Rigstar can effectively design, build and support high availability, high performance LANS and WANS to extend any network into remote areas.


Rigstar’s RF Engineers and Solution Specialists have extensive training and knowledge to deliver a reliable network. RF technology is constantly changing and requires a dedicated team to receive up-to-date training and education on the latest products. Our company understands the electronic hardware design, circuit board material and RF characteristics of each product we use, allowing for optimal performance in demanding environments. We listen to our clients and design a solution that will grow with their organization.



The Benefits received from a Rigstar Solution


Consolidate resources from a WAN


Companies are able to consolidate their data, allowing for no lag time associated with traditional remote access


Increased Speeds at remote locations


Licensed microwave links offer speeds and latency equivalent to fibre

Rigstar can connect a remote field site to The Alberta SuperNet in a solution that fits any projects budget


Wi-Fi coverage extended throughout remote area


Utilizing PTMP radios or Mesh Technology, Rigstar can provide pervasive Wi-Fi coverage throughout any location


Cellular and Two-Way Radio coverage increased throughout the location

Rigstar will ensure that cellular and two-way radio coverage will expand as a location grows


SCADA recorded in real-time

Rigstar’s last-mile solutions will allow for real-time tracking of all field assets


24/7 Network support through Rigstar’s NOC

Rigstar’s NOC will provide the monitoring and support required to keep the communication network online


With our current economic conditions, organizations are forced to explore every possible opportunity to reduce network operating costs. By converging to an integrated remote communication platform, Rigstar can drive the following business improvements:


  • Enhance performance –resiliency and control of a remote WAN infrastructure improves Total Cost of Technology


  • Industry Licensing –Rigstar manages all Industry Canada regulatory reporting.It is a requirement of the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) for all telecommunication common carriers (TCC’s) and resellers of basic telecommunication services to be registered with the CRTC. Rigstar Communications is registered with the CRTC as a non-dominant carrier. Our company holds a valid Basic International Telecommunication Service (BITS) license from the CRTC, which authorizes Rigstar to provide Basic International Telecommunication Services to customers located in Canada.


  • Recognized by all major Telcos –Endorsed by Telcos for the re-broadcast of their cell signal


  • More Efficient Deployments –Fewer truck rolls from multiple vendors during installations will save on costs


  • Reduced Downtime/Cost Savings –a single vendor approach ensures that troubleshooting is through one channel


  • Accelerate communication –reduce operational expenditures in remote locations where traditional communication services are expensive to deploy


  • Improve Safety –fully managed and integrated emergency response systems that ensure 100% network availability


  • Mission Critical applications –effectively delivered across the corporate WAN and reach all end users

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