The Oil & Gas Industry faces many challenges, due to the physical size of its operations, environmental conditions and long operational hours. In order to sustain daily operations it is essential to guarantee power supply that is fast to deploy, reliable and easy to upgrade.


With more than 40 years of experience in Oil & Gas Solutions, Schneider Electric has developed a unique turnkey power solution: eHouse.


An E-House is a customizable, pre-fabricated and pre-tested electrical house, integrating power and control systems. An E-House incorporates switchgear, motor control centers, variable speed drives, intelligent relays and energy meters, dry transformers, batteries, UPS, and complete intelligent building management and control solutions. The container is manufactured using interlocking galvanized steel walls and roof panels.


This comprehensive solution saves up to 30% in auxiliary energy consumption costs related to climate control (HVAC), lighting and auxiliary power, security, and fire and gas management.


The E-House uses reliable and low- maintenance equipment and is engineered for harsh environmental conditions, maximum transportation flexibility, and a small footprint that saves up to 20% of space requirements.



Scalability – Panel design is easily adaptable for the equipment layout you require now and in the future.


Safety – While compliant and type-tested switchgear supports operator safety, optimized performance resulting from expert design and construction reinforces safety across project operations.


Space Optimization – E-House solutions save space compared to block buildings, allowing placement closer to usage. E-House offers an optimized layout and design with easy access to the equipment.


Time Saving – Your staff does not have to spend time constructing an electrical building on site. Skilled project teams coordinate time-critical delivery schedules. Major disruptions to construction and staff on site are avoided. All equipment is pre-installed, tested and ready to use when it is delivered.


Cost Saving – The Schneider Electric E-House reduces the capital expenditure associated with electrical substations. On-site construction costs are reduced.

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