“Drilling Mud Treatment Dramatically Reduces Friction In Any Well’s Entire Downhole Drilling System”

 Revolutionizing Downhole Drilling

Why has a drilling mud additive named ProOne been such an important component in today’s oil & gas operations?  The word from operators in the field is that this drilling fluid treatment is literally changing the cost structure and problem-solving economics on every well it’s being used — whether vertical, horizontal or deviated.

Tribologists in the labs of U.S.-based ProOne Inc. created a “eureka” scientific moment about heat/ pressure and developed a positively-charged molecular structure which they named XPL+ (Xtreme Pressure Lubrication Positively Charged).

Results are extraordinary:

  • allowing the ProOne lubricant to bond to any downhole metal whatsoever (even when subjected to extreme heat/pressure)
  • delivering a film strength 50 times that of ordinary lubricants (in cross-axis friction machine test, minimal damage @ 200,000 psi compared with extensive damage @ only 4,000 psi without this unconventional additive)

Already field-proven in more than 700 wells in North America, the 2015 sales expansion internationally primarily through DNOW is revolutionizing the now-outdated thinking that “A lube is a lube is a lube.” Skeptical operators are trying it for the first time and, to their surprise, quickly replacing their existing downhole lubricant.

With its unique heat/pressure and film strength attributes, this drilling fluid treatment solves more than a dozen major drilling challenges including:

  • Long horizontals, deviated wells, spiraled and chopped holes, doglegs and micro dog legs, stuck pipe and excessive trips
  • Low Rate of Penetration (ROP), high torque and drag, short drill bit life

Using this downhole lubricant, operators can also dramatically reduce wear on pumps, maintain weight on bit (WOB), greatly reduce hook load, drill curves in half the usual time, slide liner faster and set casing faster, as well as allowing a straighter vertical with less corkscrewing. Plus, the ProOne drilling mud additive lets operators replace toxic oil-based mud (OBM) with earth-friendly water-based mud (WBM).

Substantial Return & Ultimately Biodegradable

Savings achieved with XPL+ usage have amazed even the most doubtful operators. For example, up to $100,000 can be saved on mud motors, drill bits and drill string repair. Up to $500,000 can be saved through higher ROP and fewer trips, and up to $1 million savings are possible by minimizing twist-off risk, avoiding hole collapse and freeing stuck pipe.

In 2014, NOV’s spin-off of DistributionNow (DNOW) changed the global playing field, supplying the full array of oilfield products to operators on every oil-producing continent.  Next, DNOW took the major step of including ProOne in its 300-location distribution system, which includes a substantial number of Canadian locations.

All that continues to win over operators, with “bonuses” as appealing as anything: (a) ultimately biodegradable (b) potentially reduces their drilling mud bill by approximately 50-percent. In today’s cost-cutting, “green” economy, ProOne’s drilling fluid treatment has arrived at just the right time.


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