Technology in the communications world changes fast. And in the oil and gas industry there is an ever increasing need for bandwidth and connectivity in remote areas. The solutions on the market to date haven’t been able to address all requirements in one platform. That has now changed. And amongst all the doom and gloom talk in the industry, Diane Nordhagen, CEO of TOG Systems, is excited to talk about their latest product to hit the market. After going into partnership with a U.S. based company, Squire Tech Solutions, and customizing a mobile communications trailer for the great white north, she has something to be smiling about.

Mobile Communications Trailer

The pCom is a rapid deploy, all-in-one communications trailer that can be up and running in only a matter of minutes. Its list of bells and whistles is long and to be honest there isn’t a product like it on the market today. When getting communications up and running in locations with little or no infrastructure is critical, it’s the details that matter and have made all the difference in this unique product.

Built for the Rugged

To start, it’s built on a solid cage construction and has a dual axle system, unlike many of the competing products on the market. “Our customers need to be able to tow these trailers out into the bush or over exaggerated terrain. This solid base will make travelling any distance or over any terrain a lot easier,” states Nordhagen.

Next up is the climate controlled electronics bay where all of the customer-specific communications equipment is stored. With 42 RU of air-ride suspended rack space, it is completely customizable to meet any company’s IT requirements and needs. The beauty of the pCom is that there is an easily-accessible control panel that offers external network connectivity and direct access to power and mast controls.

Other honourable mentions include a compartment for all other equipment storage needs and a mechanical bay that houses the generator, Espar heater, batteries, HVAC, and exhaust system.

The Hardware

The pCom is totally self-contained and once on site can be deployed and fully functional in only a matter of minutes. The 20 kilowatt generator allows it to function without the need for on-site power. Precise engineering allows the pCom to handle the torsion and wind load of up to a 2.0 metre satellite antenna. Our trailers use the AvL Technologies auto acquire low stow satellite antenna and control system, allowing for a simple and reliable satellite internet experience.

LMR 400 coax, Cat6 network, and 16AWG power cables are all neatly bundled in a Nycoil sleeve running up the hydraulic mast that can vary from 30 – 60’. This mast is designed to support the included scene lighting and any radios or antennas needed to establish clear communications.

From Remote to Emergency Needs

The pCom is one of the best portable communications trailers on the market and can be used for a number of different purposes. It can establish communications within 15 minutes of arriving at a site and can be left unmanned for up to three weeks reducing service or maintenance calls. With an integrated auto-acquiring satellite system, this trailer is ideal for emergency sites allowing you to quickly get up and operational with reliable communications. Alternatively, if setting up a temporary remote work station, the pCom can provide all the communications necessary to get the site up and running all season.

It’s All About the Accessories

Ensuring everyone on your site can make calls on their mobile phone is critical and coverage in some areas across the province is limited. The addition of a cellular booster to the pCom will boost the signal in the immediate area and ensure your employees can continue to do business seamlessly. Boosters will reduce the number of dropped calls, increase data speeds on devices and increase coverage on a site and can easily be installed using the hydraulic mast and climate-controlled rack space.

If your team needs a secure means of communication, then it’s smart to add the Long-Range Wireless Phone system with industrial wireless phones that meet Class 1 Div 2 specifications and have a range of over one kilometre clear line of site. Handsets are each assigned one of 65,000 codes by the master unit when it is registered to a system.  During a call, the system will change channels 200 times per second. This combination makes the system very protected and ensures your employees can communicate securely during a time of crisis. In the event of a power outage, the phone system will continue to run and keep your crew connected with the ability to communicate in a potentially hazardous time. This system also allows for the integration of outside lines, which eliminates the needs for additional desk phones.

With the addition of an Integrated Communications System (ICS), one of TOG’s proprietary products, internet is delivered to the site with built-in redundancy and remote management. If satellite should fail at any point, the cellular back up will continue seamlessly to keep your site provided with internet. Remote management capabilities give TOG the ability to log in from the NOC and trouble shoot any issues often eliminating the need to send a technician to the site in the event of any service interruptions.

Bottom line is if you have a remote site or area that can’t provide you with the communications that you need to keep your business running, the pCom is the solution.

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